• Time and Effort System

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    These pages are a guide for using and learning about the Time and Effort System, an application developed by the Texas A&M System Offices.

    This help system consists of on-line text and screen captures, and well as video tutorials to assist you with using the system.

    Why Time and Effort compliance?

    Time and effort reporting is a process mandated by the federal government to verify that direct labor charges (salaries and wages) to federally sponsored projects are reasonable and reflect actual work performed.  As a recipient of federal funds, the Texas A&M University System is subject to financial accounting and reporting obligations designed to ensure that the charges to its federally sponsored projects are allowable and properly allocable to those projects.

    TAMUS Policy

    Time and effort compliance by employees is governed by Texas A&M System Policy and also by rules implemented by each A&M System member.  While the Time and Effort System does implement controls and enforce policy, it does not relieve administrators and employees from their duty to be familiar with and enforce System Policy.

    Getting Started - Overview

    First take a few minutes and read the overview pages.  You can navigate to these pages using the links on the left side of the page. 

    You may also want to review some of the Key Concepts used in the Time and Effort system.

    Getting Started - Understand your role

    Your role in the compliance process may be as simple as approving your own time, or it may require that you manage the process for your department.  This documentation is generally organized by role, and the following roles are covered.

    1. Self Certifying employees (usually PI eligible employees)

    2. The Manager Role

    3. The Departmental Administrator Role